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Our COVID-19 nebulizing service kills 99.9999% of pathogens in seconds. It forms a protective shield over surfaces, meaning they remain sterile for 7 days after application, creating a bio-safe environment for your staff and customers. We use an electrostatic fogging machine that sprays micro-droplets in "mist" shape into the air. After about 15 minutes, these droplets will reach all areas not covered with conventional cleaning and settle there, killing any bacteria in the air and on the surface. Once the "fog" has dried, it forms a barrier on all surfaces, killing new contaminants for up to 7 days. We use medical grade Ultra Disinfectant
that kills 99.9999% of all pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

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The benefits of Corona cleaning company

Make your building, company or space completely corona-proof by calling in our professional disinfection service. We are a reliable partner in making office buildings, living spaces, care institutions, gyms or other intensively used areas corona-free. If you choose Corona cleaning company as your corona cleaning company, you are assured of:


About Corona cleaning company

A specialist close by everywhere in the country

Secure effective and reliable disinfection us corona cleaning

Protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses, such as the corona virus

No work delay: you can get back to work safely after the treatment.

Research has shown that the corona virus can survive on, for example, door handles for up to 72 hours. As a cleaning company in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands, we disinfect your space and offer you and your guests up to 99.9999% safety. All our employees work and clean according to strict safety measures.

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Corona cleaning company:

A disinfection method that protects every surface 
for up to 7 days after our presence

Ideal for outbreak control measures, our decontamination cleaning and misting services are offered as routine, regular services or in addition to our other services.

Specialized corona cleaning company

Corona cleaning company is a specialized corona cleaning company. We take care of the corona-proof cleaning for you. This way your rooms in Amsterdam and the Netherlands are free from coronavirus again. Our experienced cleaning specialists are happy to take over the disinfection, cleaning and cleaning of your office, hotel, gym or other public space. By using Corona Cleaning Company as your corona cleaning company, you will protect your employees, customers, guests and members against bacterial and viral infections. We work safely, legally and concretely in a way that is safe for people and the environment. You can call on us for a corona-proof cleaning within any industry. We erase all traces of the coronavirus effective and offer a safe and healthy work environment.

Keep the corona virus at bay

So are you looking for a professional party that can help you thoroughly clean your workplace in order to keep the corona virus at bay? We like to help you! We specialize in cleaning and disinfecting intensively used areas. That is our profession. If you are looking for a corona cleaning company in Amsterdam or the Netherlands, you have come to the right place at Corona cleaning company.

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