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Cleaning house after corona

Have your house cleaned after corona? Have you or your housemate had corona? Or are you worried that your visit has taken the virus with them? Then it is important to properly clean, disinfect and disinfect your home. The coronavirus not only spreads through humans but can also spread through stainless steel and plastic surfaces. Virus particles can survive on these surfaces for up to 72 hours. Think of door

handles, cupboard doors, sanitary facilities, cups, glasses, chairs, tables, etc. In short, everything that can be touched in the house by you and your fellow residents.

Do you want to make sure that the coronavirus is not transmitted in the house via one of these surfaces? Then choose to have your house cleaned, disinfected and disinfected by the
cleaning specialists of Corona Cleaning Company.

Choose Corona Cleaning Company to clean your home and always enjoy the following benefits:

  • A specialist close by all over the country
  • Safe, effective and reliable disinfection us corona cleaning
  • Protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses, such as the corona virus
  • Complete service: after the treatment, your home is corona-free and you and your housemates are back home safely

About Corona cleaning company

Corona cleaning company is specialized in cleaning different locations. Thanks to their many years of experience, our cleaners have become experts in cleaning, disinfecting and disinfecting homes. With our self- developed cleaning method, we clean your house after corona and protect you, your family and
your visitors up to 99.9999% against the corona virus. To ensure that our cleaning specialists are not at risk, they work in protective suits, use gloves and wear air-purifying masks. Corona Cleaning is also an expert in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting including apartments, cars and workplaces.

Process of corona cleaning house after corona

In order to comply with strict security measures, our cleaning specialists first examine the areas in your home for any health risks. After this inventory, you will receive an overview from us with the risks that our specialists have found and the measures you should take for the corona cleaning of your home.

Once you have taken these measures, the professional corona cleaning of your home by our specialists will follow with the proven ULV atomization method. This method works better than bleach and alcohol and is completely safe for humans and the environment. Corona cleaning company is specialized in cleaning, disinfecting and disinfecting houses. After our treatment, you and your housemates are 99.9999% safe from the corona virus.

The Ozone method for cleaning your house after corona

To clean, disinfect and disinfect your house after you or one of your housemates has had corona, our cleaning specialists use the Ozone method developed by us: nebulization based on hydrogen peroxide. This method kills 99.9999% of all fungi, bacteria and viruses. With this method, your home is completely cleaned, disinfected and disinfected with the least possible impact on people and the environment.

This method works as follows: during cleaning, a disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid is blown into the rooms of your home under high pressure. As a result, all bacteria, fungi and viruses present on the surfaces in these rooms are killed. The Ozone method is powered by Ozon Cleaning Services.

Touch points such as door handles, sanitary ware, cutlery, cups, tables, chairs and other furniture are also treated with this method. Our cleaning specialists do all this carefully and according to the safety measures prescribed by the RIVM. Your safety is always paramount at Corona Cleaning
Company. Therefore, choose Corona cleaning company!

Contact Corona Cleaning Company

Have you or one of your housemates suffered from corona, or are you concerned that your visitors may have brought the virus with them? Do not wait any longer and have your house cleaned, disinfected and disinfected by Corona cleaning company.

Please contact us or freely ask for a Quotation.

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